Reasons for DIY Haircuts: More Than Just Savings

When I tell people I cut my own hair, their initial reaction (after glancing at my hair to see if it was bad and they just hadn’t noticed) is often to ask, “why”? Generally they assume that I am trying to save money. While cost savings are definitely one benefit, there is much more to consider. Here are my top three reasons for cutting my own hair:

Convenience. Say you decide you want to trim up your hair on short notice. Maybe you have an impromptu interview, a wedding to attend, or you simply feel like sharpening up your look a bit. You can cut your hair any time you’re at home, or even when you’re on the go as long as you have your 3-way mirror.

Frequency. You don’t just style your hair once a month and leave it that way, right? Then why only get it cut once a month? Learning to cut your own hair gives you the flexibility to make small tweaks over time. We’ve all been there – you get back from the barber’s and, after taking a shower, you realize that there’s a spot that isn’t quite right. You don’t feel like making a trip back, so you just live with it and hope it grows out quickly. Why settle for that when you can just do it yourself!

Control. This is arguably the biggest advantage of self barbering. Nobody knows the look you want to achieve better than yourself. More importantly, nobody cares about helping you achieve that look more than – you guessed it – yourself. By taking your hairstyle into your own hands, you can experiment and decide what works for you, then replicate it every time with the help of extra-long clipper guards.

Ultimately, everyone has different preferences. Barbers study and practice for hundreds or thousands of hours, and there’s no substitute for a professional haircut when you really need precision. But for a consistent cut and a flexible experience that you control yourself, nothing beats taking control of your own hair.

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